“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare that
they are difficult.”



Anne Warnock - Sam Wong Salon, Maryland
"When I discovered Joseph and Organic Trader I was so excited. I spoke with him and ordered my samples. I really enjoyed talking to him and realized we both shared a similar passion when it came to the environment and felt that it is our responsibility to protect it and all the living beings that inhabit the Earth. That takes me to my samples! I tried them as soon as they arrived and was greatly impressed with the quality. The Lavender scent was very pure. The conditioners were very nourishing and effective.

I have done quite a lot of research in the past 2 years looking for top notch organic products to offer our clients and I have to say these products meet all my expectations. Such as not playing the "organic" %-numbers game and by not including harmful synthetic toxic chemicals. Many companies do just that. Finally I feel confident in a professional product that I can put our name on.”

Sandra Goth, Cobble Hill BC
“I have been using the laundry detergent for everything: clothes, dishes, and hair – it is great stuff and very little goes a very long way.”

Heather Naccarato, USA
“The Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Face Wash, and Day Cream is ALL FANTASTIC! My body isn’t dry, and my face looks, shall I say, younger? I have very long hair that is very straight and since I last cut it all off a year and a half ago to send to Locks of Love my hair has been brittle and itchy. Using your products just 3 times has made my hair do a 180. It feels so soft and is very shiny! Not itchy!

Yes, you have me thinking different!

Soon I will be ordering and I cant wait! Thanks again for who you are and what you stand for!

Peace and Love”

les amoureux Annick&René et leurs chats, Quebec QC
“I just wanted to let you know that your shampoo is ABSOLUTLY great stuff!!! since I bought it at Équimonde in Quèbec I can’t wait to take my shower every day: it smells SOOOOOOOOO good!!! and your label is really funny to read over and over again!!! thank you for making the perfect shampoo!!!”

Bob – Japanese Garden and Bonsai Master
"the Tao of soap."

Mara, UPS Store, Victoria BC
"She told us she has a Japanese client who imports soap from the south of France that he sells for $80 a bar in Japan, she says that their soap is good, but that our soap is actually better!... and about our lotions, 'This is the best creme I have ever tried and I just love your soap, you guys are gonna be so big, I love it! [ Then on trying the hand & body lotion... ] `your product rocks!"

Vasana, Camelot Clinic, The Energy Connection
"Hmm, you know I like that lotion (hand & body) it really feels good, and so does my husband, I have been using it everyday and there is a difference."

Called to find products...'I love your Vision statement, where is close to me to get the products, including the cleaners? – I just love what is on your website!'

Anne Scott
"Heaven sent products, nourishing, revitalising... homegrown and filled with love, how can I thank you?"

Morris - Prov. park ranger, with cowboy hat and rodeo buckle
"Gee, I sure like that soap, and it lathers excellent in the salt water too, where can I get some more? "

Trish Duncan - manager of distributorship Co.
"This is the best shampoo I have ever used, ever."

Debbie Finlay
"My hair is so beautiful now, how did you guys do it?"

Rowan Cornell
"No SLS! Thank you so much, your product has added healthy inches to my hair."

Carolyne B., Quebec
"These are the best products I have ever used, ever!"

Angela Foster, BC, international model
"I have used all the top lines in the world and oh, my God, Organic Formulations is sooo good!! all my friends are ordering it from around the world."

Carilyne, Alberta
"My daughter and I love your shampoo for our long hair and my new lover does too."

Brenda Summer
"Oh my god, this is so good, wow, its so good!! (hand & body lotion)."

Barbara at the IFOAM show 2002
"I tried some of your products yesterday, today I want to buy everything else you have here and take it home, with extras for my family."

"My sick rhododendrun has not flowered in two years and after several applications of bloomin marv. – it flowered this year for the first time again – I was going to pull it out, I am just tickled! (garden organic™)"

"Look, just look at my arm (squeezing above elbow) I have had this eczema patch here for over 10 years and all I did was change to your soap to try and look it is healing, this is amazing, this is not just soap."

Cheryl, Sensitivity Clinic, Washington DC
"We really appreciate a line we can use and recommend to our client."

Octavio large 6'3" rancher from spanish Mexico – at IFOAM show Aug. 2002
"I never buy lotion before but thees feels good and look at my hands, I work hard my whole life, and this (holding hand & body lotion) this my friend I deserve!"

Dennis, Hill House Chocolates (the best handmade chocs anywhere - supplier to the Lieut. Governor for the Cdn Snow Birds pilots)
"I never use soap it just doesn`t feel good or do a good job, and I tried one of your bars the other day and it really felt good, it is really good soap, it feels very good, yes!

"Anyway, whatever happens of this, I will gracefully accept the changes and continue to believe in what you guys do and your products... See you in TO! peace Betsy"

Denis Pacquette, owner Sidney Hotel
"I was not sure about the shampoo as it did not really lather, however, after about half a bottle, just as Joe said, it started to lather, he explained that the hair holds toxins that are in our body and from other products and that the transition time that it took for me to get a lather was removal of some of these toxins, I am really surprised but I like it!"

Madame Bergeret, teacher
"Oh dear, I sure like that soap."

Publisher, Alberta Magazines
"I love your soap, where can I get some more?' (after discovering a complementary bar in her room at the bed and breakfast she was staying in)

...my son says he sees rainbows when he uses your soap...a testiment to cleanliness...many thanks.

Ran into two of your employees at a Noah's Natural Foods in Toronto (south Yonge location); while I was perusing the personal hygiene section. One of them confidently recommended Organic Formulations roll–on deodorant, so I gave the 'summer breeze' a try.

It really does work. With a history of Alzheimers in the family, I need to avoid aluminum in deodorant, so have tried a number of brands that don't contain it. However, I've been disappointed with most, in that they don't control odor. Organic Formulations does. In addition the fragrance is sophisticated and light. Bravo folks, you've created a winner!!' Thanks for the recommendation which I in turn pass on, "If you're looking for an alum free deodorant that works, 'Try Organic Formulations'."

Dorney Burgdorf, Berkeley CA
"Our two year old has very curly hair and we were beginning to need a little conditioner to keep the tangles out. Once we discovered the Organic Trader shampoo [Earth Spirit™ Organic Baby Shampoo] that is all we needed. It leaves her hair shiny and tangle free."

Celeste Luhtala, Victoria BC
"After years (literally) of searching for a face cream that did not irritate my super sensitive skin, I found this! It moisturises beautifully & does not leave my face feeling itchy or oily. The scent is lovely and light too. I would recommend this product to anyone needing a light-weight moisturiser that is friendly for sensitive faces."

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