Organic Trader™ Canada 'OTC' Legal Policies, Payment & Business Protocols

Terms and Conditions for Wholesale Ordering & General Business Decorum:

Introduction: If you are on this web site, or in contact with any OTC materials, writing, copy, products or personnel then you are subject to these terms and conditions. All material is proprietary and copyright protected and trademarked for the exclusive use of OTC - and may NOT be used or altered, at any time, without express written permission, from OTC or Joseph Borkovic.

1. All wholesale, private label, bulk and custom orders must be detailed by the client on a purchase order signed by the client. A purchase order submitted electonically is deemed properly signed, as an/by electronitc signature when sent to OTC, or corresponding deposit is paid. If OTC prepares the invoice for the client, per the client's instructions, it will be deemed a completed purchase order with the full financial commitment for all costs and taxes. All invoices prepared by OTC are due in full immediately upon issuance to the client by OTC. 1a. All orders are shipped in the order they are received/produced. Due to the great demand for authentic organic products we do get very busy, please be patient - plan ahead when possible. We do not ship RUSH or overnight. Slow down, have a cup of tea. Any orders that are put in without formal PO, and indicated for immediate rush order, will incur an Anxiety Fee of $275.00. Order Fax #: 250 929.0026 E-mail: services (at) organictradercanada dot com

2. Once a Purchase Order has been made, the order must be paid for to ensure no pricing changes. Any orders not paid for within 5 business days, will not be guaranteed the quoted or catalogue pricing in the event of any pricing changes.

2a. In the event of an overdue account for contracted, wholesale or custom services the totoal outstanding invoice amount will we charged at 3.9% interest, calculated monthly, not in advance, on the outstanding balance.

All of our policies are designed to protect; organic, biodynamic and fair trade raw materials suppliers, as well as the parity of organic farmers, their families and communities.

*We pay our organic farmers up front or in advance, this is known as 'parity', so cancelling any speciality or custom order for organic products is your responsibility, not the farmer's. The farmers's sustainable productivity -> exactly why we are here - to protect organic/biodynamic farms and families... so no changes to written wholesale orders, period - and please! This strict policy is also due to our sourcing in a number of different currencies from different countries for genuine organic, biodynamic, fair trade and social justice when such raw materials are not readily available to be sourced locally.

3. Once a private label, bulk or custom order is made, it is a firm, final irrevocable order and stands as the inventory order - as all orders are made from scratch and by hand as custom orders. No refunds. Only does Organic Trader™ have the discretion or right to substitute product that is delayed or seasonally unavailable. OTC does not give the right for any changes or substitution for custom/wholesale orders once the order is submitted. Know and be clear as a wholesale customer on your business requirements and plan what you are wholesale ordering based upon your business. Any changes will be viewed as an additional order, which are to be prepaid. prior to shipping.

4. The jurisdiction and legal territory, in all circumstances for all business and orders made with Organic Trader™ will be the Province of British Columbia. If you reside or file a dispute in B.C. the applicable jurisdiction is Duncan, B.C..

5. Orders made and not picked up, will incur weekly storage charges. In all cases for all orders, shipping, customs and brokerage are the responsibility of the ordering party/wholesale customer, and duly must be arranged by the wholesale customer. Any damages or claims must be made within 24 hours, to the shipping company directly, in the event of a damage claim for shipping, the wholesale customer/consignee must deal directly with the shipping company, and may wish to add insurance to any shipping order, through the shipping company. Abandoned orders pay $75 per pallet per week.

6. Any orders packed and then unpacked because of the wholesale customers inefficiency will incur administrative and logistics charges for the second preparations. Office rate for work is $75/hour. Speciality, consulting and lab work are billed at $275 per hour CAD.

7. Special orders made based on customers verbal or written promises or representations will be considered actual orders, and in all cases the wholesale business customer shall be liable not only for the order amount but also for any damages occurring from the rescindance of such actual order instructions. A record by written log is kept for the activity in the file of each customer request or change.

8. Any orders made and not scheduled to be picked up within 15 days, once notice is given by the Organic Trader™ warehouse, will incur a 15% restocking fee and 15% of invoice pallet re-preparation fee, for each 15 day period. After 30 days of unattended product produced for a client, the product will be considered abandoned, and will under no circumstances be due any refund.

9. Any excessive or tedious use of office time involving the use of blame, rudeness or profanity by the wholesale customer because of their own mismanagement, inexperience or lack of responsibility for proper communication will trigger a serious administrative charge of a minimum per episode of $275 CAD, plus $275 per hour per re-address/ incidents/ or further unwarranted interruptions. All legal costs incurred by OTC to settle a customer dispute will be the financial responsibility of the customer.

10. These terms and conditions below in pdf, apply for all wholesale and private label orders. Additionally, in all cases the Organic Trader™ confidentiality and terms and conditions for contract manufacturing also apply, available in pdf, just below.

Eligibility for these legal obligations is: to contact OTC, visit the OTC or any affiliated company or brand web sites, including this one.

If your enquiry is international, we will require both agreements signed PRIOR to any negotiations for foreign territories. No modifications. NO exceptions.


Organic Trader™ Canada Private Label Terms and Conditions

Confidentiality, Non-Circumvention, Non-Disclosure Agreement PDF

Intellectual Property Notice and Claim:

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